The Teddy Bear House

“My drive home is kind of my time to reflect on what happened today and I’ll often find myself laughing about this and that.”

Little Wonders

Observing nature on the lake is one of the perks of the location - they’ve seen geese, eagles, rabbits, and a fox.

Here We Grow

Rather than set unit topics and lengths, Here We Grow has provocations based on children’s interests.

Keeping My Kids in High-Quality Care

Kathy, a parent from Moorhead, describes how an early learning scholarship provided stability for her and her children.

A Middle-Class Mom Looking for Help

Viktoria Bjerke wants her children to have the best early childhood experience possible but she and her husband are struggling to afford…

From the Front Lines of Child Care: Shirley’s Story

Family child care provider Shirly Toby is staying open to care for the children of essential workers, but running a child care in the…

From the Front Lines of Child Care: Rdella’s Story

“I think people are seeing how important we are, and the Governor sees that too. We are very important.”

From the Front Lines of Child Care: Elisa’s Story

Family child care provider Elisa Vega is worried about what the future holds for families and her program as the COVID-19 pandemic…