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Keeping My Kids in High-Quality Care

Kathy, a parent from Moorhead, describes how an early learning scholarship provided stability for her and her children.

Here We Grow

Rather than set unit topics and lengths, Here We Grow has provocations based on children’s interests.

Little Wonders

Observing nature on the lake is one of the perks of the location - they’ve seen geese, eagles, rabbits, and a fox.

The Teddy Bear House

“My drive home is kind of my time to reflect on what happened today and I’ll often find myself laughing about this and that.”

People Serving People

"There’s never really an end of the school year for us, and we can have new children join our center any day of the week."

Big Red House

Greta makes sure to give children many opportunities to practice the skills they will need to be successful in the future.

Natalie’s Child Care

Natalie Marose believes that “the children will get to all the things they need to get to if we provide it for them.”

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